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We're going on a MANHUNT!

Welcome to our first FLASHDANCE THE MUSICAL blog entry. Over the next six weeks, members of our Flashdance Family will be introducing themselves and sharing some sneaky behind the scenes moments with you. We're having the best time .. and we can't wait to share it with you!

A little bit about me ... my name's Wendy, and I'm the Production Manager and Musical Director for this super awesome show.

WOW! Just over six weeks until opening night! The cast and production team have been working incredibly hard and we're incredibly excited about how well the show is coming together.

We can tell you that the team has more than just 'Flash' in Flashdance. The choreography is just spectacular. From our cheeky Chameleon Girls to our beautiful Ballerinas and our sensational Street Dancers ... you'll be absolutely blown away.

We're incredibly lucky to be working with an absolutely amazing Choreography Team, headed up by Shelley Marshall - professional dancer and choreographer with extensive international experience - and supported by extensively experienced dancers Stephanie Inches and Ashleigh Kate.

And the music ... wow! It's not just another 80s rock show. There's all the songs you know and love, including I Love Rock N Roll and Maniac, plus some absolutely fabulous new songs from the slick and raunchy Chameleon Girls to the absolutely gorgeous Here & Now. The cast have tackled fabulous, intricate harmonies to create a gorgeous sound that adds another dimension to the spectacle on stage.

I am ridiculously proud of our wonderful cast who have been working so, so hard to make the show amazing. And I'm incredibly lucky to be part of such a wonderful team. I cannot wait for Flashdance to hit the stage!

Flashdance ... WHAT A FEELING!!!

xx Wendy xx

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